Beachy Keen


Growing up a through-and-through city girl, one of the things I missed out on was the beach. Sure, Toronto has Lake Ontario, but there’s nothing quite like looking out at the waves and realizing that there’s nothing else between you and another continent. Absolutely breathtaking. Now that I’m back in Halifax for my first summer by the sea, I had to take a day trip to the beach before school gets too hectic! I left my phone behind and brought my camera for this adventure, and wore my favourite new dress and summer wedges.

sage_teal_guess_dress_4 sage_teal_guess_dress_2 sage_teal_guess_dress_1

We stopped by this beautiful bakery on the way to the beach – Nova Scotia is filled with hidden treasures like this one, the Flying Fox Bake Shop in Shelburne. The Flying Fox has incredibly delicious treats and is just steps from the waterfront, making for the perfect summer day stop! I’m in love with their cheesecake squares and adorable sugar cookies – they’re perfect to bring to the beach!



dog_beach_collage_guess_dress sage_teal_guess_dress_beach

When we finally got to the beach, the pups bolted right to the water! They’re so full of energy, especially since they snuck bites of our cookies!

puppies_beach_shelburne_nova_scotia sage_teal_guess_dress_puppies_beach flying_fox_orange_cupcake_teaL_guess_dress flying_fox_bake_shop_sugar_cookies_shelburne_nova_scotia sage_teal_guess_dress_puppies_beach_2


One of the things that has me most excited about the coming heat is breaking out my summer wardrobe. I’m in love with flowy dresses, cute heels and retro sunglasses. This dress and these glasses are from Guess, one of my favourite shops. Their retro chic style is right up my alley, but since they don’t have one in Halifax I have to stock up when I’m back home. My white wedge sandals from my other favourite designer Michael Kors are perfect for summery days like this, and they go so well with the white details and soft colour of the Guess pieces.

sage_guess_sunglasses_beach sage_teal_guess_dress_puppies_beach_3

How did you spend your long weekend?

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dress: Guess

shoes: Michael Kors

glasses: Guess

2 responses to “Beachy Keen”

  1. What a cheerful post. Such beautiful colours. That dress is so perfect for the beach. Just perfect. Thank you for taking the time to do these. I love the way the dogs are looking at you in many shots. They seem like really great little characters. This post made my day.

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