Cartems Donuterie


On my last day in Vancouver my 1pm flight was cancelled and I was put on the next flight, leaving at 4:55. That gave me a few more precious hours to discover some more of the city and, remembering a TV show I’d seen about cool donut places a few years ago, I discovered the wonderful gem that is Cartems Donuterie.

Cartems makes specialty donuts with unique, high-end flavours like Lavender Cream and Honey Parmesan. The Earl Grey donut – which is Cartem’s most popular – is surprisingly light and fragrant, with a distinct but not overpowering taste of tea. Being a tea lover myself, I indulged in the most heavenly creation: a cream-filled London Fog donut. I couldn’t resist the urge to buy a half-dozen donuts to bring back to my friends, and I’m happy to say that, though carrying a large box of donuts through the airport proved to be much more burdensome than expected, all the precious cargo made it safely to Toronto, soft and fluffy dough intact.

cartems_donuterie_vancouver_2 cartems_donuterie_vancouver_11 cartems_donuterie_vancouver_8 cartems_donuterie_vancouver_1 cartems_donuterie_vancouver_5cartems_donuterie_vancouver_12cartems_donuterie_vancouver_4 cartems_donuterie_vancouver_6cartems_donuterie_vancouver_10

So, yes, this post was dedicated entirely to donuts. Next time you’re in Vancouver, be sure to stop by Cartems for a delicious treat.


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