Photo Diary: Things Around Vancouver


Wealth, health and culture. Those are the three words that come to mind when I think of Vancouver. It’s a beautiful coastal city booming with chic people who walk quickly between the skyscrapers to get to their next appointments. Walking downtown you get the feeling that it was once a quaint place in which, one day, sharp glass buildings suddenly sprouted out of the ground, bringing with them an invigorating and youthful energy. Throughout the city there are surprising pockets of the quaintness that remains; a little church here, a steam-powered clock there, and hole-in-the-wall shops that serve espresso in tin cups and banana bread made from recipes older than the people baking it. Then there are shops that curate the latest high fashion from around the world, where you can’t touch the merchandise unless it’s handed to you by the glove-handed design consultant. There’s Japadog – one of many Asian fusion food spots that blend Asian and North American cuisines – that sells hot dogs influenced by classic Japanese flavour combinations with ingredients like teriyaki, tempura, and shichimi. And there’s a neverending supply of stunning views: mountains, waterfront, and cityscapes that morph into more beautiful shapes with every change in the weather. In short, Vancouver is breathtaking. Take a look.

trendy_techie_exploring_vancouver_1trendy_techie_exploring_vancouver_2trendy_techie_exploring_vancouver_6trendy_techie_exploring_vancouver_5trendy_techie_exploring_vancouver_nelson_seagull_bakery_2trendy_techie_exploring_vancouver_nelson_seagull_bakery_1trendy_techie_exploring_vancouver_secret_location_8pensieve_darwin_money_statuette_vancouver_macleod_books vancouver_waterfronttrendy_techie_exploring_vancouver_japadog_9japadog_menu_march_2015trendy_techie_exploring_vancouver_japadog_4trendy_techie_exploring_vancouver_blossomsangel_soldier_statue_vancouvervancouver_robson_square_skyline

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