Tentacular Knitwear for Winter

Let me just get right to it: I love Twinkie Chan’s quirky knitwear. She makes everything from the adorable to the totally weird, and the fact that I can now walk around with an elaborate knit tentacle around my neck makes me a happy girl. When I saw this “Tako” scarf (Tako = Octopus in Japanese) on her YummyYou website I just had to have it! It’s so quirky and cute and adorably plush, and I’m happy to announce that Twinkie is going to give away a Tako scarf to one lucky Trendy Techie winner! Click the orange link at the end of this post to enter!

yummy_you_tako_octopus_tentacle_scarf_1 yummy_you_tako_octopus_tentacle_scarf_4 yummy_you_tako_octopus_tentacle_scarf_3 yummy_you_tako_octopus_tentacle_scarf_5



scarf: c/o YummyYou

top: Club Monaco

jeans:  Guess

boots: Michael Kors

ring: Queen St. vendor in Toronto

signature 1

13 responses to “Tentacular Knitwear for Winter”

  1. i just found your blog because of this giveaway(twinkiechan linked you), and i just want to say that i love you already! i love that you’re out to break the stereotypes about women in the tech industry, and i really look forward to following this blog!!!

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